Three C’s of Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers really are a critical part of governance, equipping key decision-makers while using the information they have to make the right decisions. While not usage of the daily operations of the business, company directors rely on the information in aboard papers to keep them up to date and ensure they’re making the best decisions with regard to their organisations.

A well-prepared board standard paper will give company directors the knowledge they have to make a considered here are the findings and effective decision, permitting them to act quickly and efficiently. But many aboard packs will be overwhelming in volume, with too much information and not enough detail intended for the owners to use.

To aid avoid this kind of, consider three C’s when building your panel paper: clearness, consistency and a clear data format. A clear format can help assure the details of the traditional are equal considering the board’s requirements and can likewise save time, allowing board members to focus on the main element points.


The most important element of a good panel paper is clarity and simplicity in language and layout. There should be a consistent strengthen and style along the whole paper, out of headings to the body textual content. The content needs to be arranged in a structured way, using the house style and chosen options intended for fonts and relevant logos (including colors as necessary).

A good structure is an introduction towards the proposal, and then background and then a recommendation and summary with references to strategy, hazards and financial information. It could a conventional storytelling framework but with the results of the advice already in mind from the start.


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